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May 04, 2016

Country club racetracks evolving to offer more than just track time

Kirk Bell of MotorAuthority.com discusses the way “country club racetracks” such as Monticello Motor Clubare growing to offer more services, such as garages, driving schools, and more.

“We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of the country club racetrack. Starting about a decade ago these members-only tracks started popping up across the country. Instead of golfing, they offered racetrack facilities where well-heeled members could take their toys to do some unfettered performance driving.

But these facilities have grown over the years and today they offer far more than just track time and a place to get lunch…

Monticello Motor Club in New York sells car storage and plots of land in an adjoining subdivision where members can build houses… Monticello [has] onsite mechanics and/or race shops as well… Monticello has a team challenge involving various performance cars and gokarts, plus an off-road facility.”

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