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June 07, 2016

The BMW M2 is the perfect sports car for everyone

Jason Harper of The Verge reviews the BMW M2 after testing it out at Monticello Motor Club.

“I posited that it would be enjoyed equally by all measures of drivers, from the novice to the highly experienced. And so the three of us and a video crew trundled to the New York Catskills to the Monticello Motor Club (MMC) to test that theory.

The M2 is not a track car. But MMC is a safe facility in which to test the limits of the BMW. We can open it up on the long back straightaway and push hard into corners and never worry about oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or cops. Monticello also has a skid-pad — a wide-open area paved with grippy asphalt — on which we set up a small course bounded by cones. Cones are better to hit than walls, after all. Our autocross, as it is called, is tight with sharp turns, but includes one stretch that allows for a bit of speed and even some drifting.”

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