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November 30, 2016

The McLaren 570GT Is a Supercar for Grown-Ups

Lawrence Ulrich reviews the McLaren 570GT after taking it out on the track at Monticello Motor Club.

“As we learned in a back-to-back test of the 570S and ultra-hardcore 675LT at New York’s Monticello Motor Club, it basically takes a racetrack to expose the 570’s performance handicaps versus McLaren’s pricier Super Series models. Dropped onto public roads like a British commando, the 570GT assaulted anything in its path, until I wanted to pin a medal on its aluminum chest. With settings dialed to ’11’ on wooded two-laners north of Manhattan, the GT felt as savagely capable as its 570S counterpart. And nothing ambushes this machine. When I entered a turn too quickly on Route 301 near the Appalachian Trail—an easy enough mistake—an extra squeeze on the brake and a minor steering correction had me back on stride and rocket-launching toward the next curve.”

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