Monticello Motor Club

I drove the fastest Jaguar sports car in the world — and it was incredible

March 20, 2017

Benjamin Zhang of Business Insider reviews the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR after taking it out for a test drive on the track at MMC.

“At New York’s Monticello Motor Club, the SVR took to the racetrack like a fish to water. In twisty sections, the Jag’s active aerodynamics and adjustable suspension kept the car stable. When pushed hard in corner, you can feel the rear end push out only to be brought back into line by the all-wheel-drive system. Exiting the bend, the SVR’s 575 ponies come to life as the quick-shifting 8-speed automatic makes its way trough the gears. Speed happens with great immediacy along with a Grammy-worth soundtrack of pops and burbles that emanate from its quad exhausts.”

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