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November 25, 2017

Patrick Long Wrestles with a GT3 Cup Car at MMC

Courtesy of Turnology: Driving a Porsche 911 on the limit is usually a pretty busy process. The driver must manage the odd weight distribution, the heavy steering inputs, and the challenge of managing a light front and a snappy rear. Those are all generalities, and not necessarily true with every 911, but they’re more likely to be seen when a 911 is running on very cold slicks.

Patrick Long knows his way around a Porsche 911, being Porsche’s only American factory driver, and he does not hesitate to get this 997 GT3 Cup into working shape. Over the course of a few laps, he adjusts his style to bring the tires up to temperature and get the car turning neatly, putting the power down cleanly, and chopping chunks off his lap time.

From the beginning of his out lap at Monticello Motor Club, he warms the front tires by shimmying in a straight line; first with quick steering movements, then with gradually smoother inputs while running flat down the straightaway.

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