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June 30, 2018

MX-5 Cup: Why Racing on a Budget Matters

Courtesy of The Drive: The world is full of frustrated racers, myself included. Racing is an expensive sport, and until tires, fuel, and handmade chassis cost as much as a basketball or a golf club, motorsports will be for the wealthy and a lucky few.

The barriers to getting into racing are significant as most aspiring racing drivers have to self-fund their careers with the hopes of making it big someday. Unfortunately for most, that day never comes, which means that lots of folks are left with empty pockets, empty promises, and broken dreams. However, some less than talented drivers with bags full of cash are often given opportunities that many talented but under-funded drivers never get because, at the end of the day, engineers, mechanics, and other personnel cost money—which means that teams have to come up with cash one way or another.

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