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September 25, 2018

Video: Onboard Patrick Long’s Record Lap At MMC

Courtesy of Turnology: Smooth but assertive, technically masterful, patient, and bold; Patrick Long is one of today’s best sports car racers. Watching him at work is something to behold, as his car control is second-to-none. The way he methodically coaxes speed out of the car and the tires is something any aspiring driver can appreciate and learn from.

He’s quite handy in Porsche 911s — as the only American factory driver for the marque, he has to be — as he shows in this series of hot laps how to get the most out of a 997 Cup Car. Note how he saws at the wheel during the outlap to scrub the front tires and get them up to temperature. At 0:37, he even cranks the wheel well past where it needs to be and induces a bit of understeer…

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