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March 08, 2019

The Porsche Ice Experience with Monticello Motor Club

XOJET’s President of Commercial Operations, James Henderson, recently had the chance to partake in Monticello Motor Club’s exclusive Porsche Ice Experience. Spending four days with the crew, he received a thrilling introduction to the Porsche 911’s handling techniques on ice and snow, inspiring him to recap the one-of-a-kind experience for XOJET Arrivé:


It’s a picturesque scene from the chalet at Mecaglisse Motorsport Park in Quebec: As a cup of coffee warms my hand, huge snowflakes drift down in front of the window, adding to the blanket of snow on the course below.

But while the view from the hill is beautiful, my eyes are glued to a row of 20 brand new Porsche 911s, color-coordinated by model with their engines running. I am about to spend the next four days driving sideways in the snow, and I’m a kid again, primed and grinning ear to ear—this is going to be insanely fun.

A lineup of Porsche 911s in a snowy sceneMecaglisse is about 80 miles north of Montreal and comprises a variety of circuits and large open skid pads for precision drifting and slalom exercises, including narrow trails through the forest. In February, Porsche takes   Continue reading…