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June 03, 2019

The Science of Performance


As dutiful readers of InsideHook, you’ve no doubt come to understand that we believe life is meant to be an adventure — with apologies to variety, getting out of one’s comfort zone is the true spice of life.

So when the opportunity arose to join our friends at TAG Heuer in celebrating the launch of their new Autavia Isograph chronometer by putting the pedal to the proverbial metal at one of America’s premier race tracks, we were all for it.

And let ‘er rip we did, with the help of not only a pro driver skilled in the art of handling the sort of pressure only a motor vehicle at high speeds can deliver, but also a board-certified neurologist to help us understand what exactly happens to the human brain when said pressure is applied.

All things considered, your correspondent feels he did pretty well.

And in the aftermath of our little experiment… Continue reading.