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July 26, 2019

Practical Magic: BMW’s New X4 M

Among the plethora of predictions made by Confucius, the fabled Chinese teacher, philosopher and life-coach, was this little-known one: It’s not possible for tall-riding SUV to drive like sports car.

Yes, the enlightened one was way ahead of his time with a multitude of his observations. But when it came to this, obviously Confucius had never driven a new BMW X4 M.

Until the arrival of this latest X model, I might have agreed with the master. Nothing designed to haul rug-rats and bulky appliances from Best Buy, could ever be as thrilling to drive as a hot, smokin’, red-corpusculed sports car. Just too tall, too bulky, too practical.

Then along comes the 2020 X4 M, a 473-horsepower, slopey-roofed bundle of hyperactive joy that changes everything…continue reading.