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August 26, 2019

All Of You Need To Drive This Damn Car

Listen up, you turkeys. There’s really only one car you need to be driving and it’s this, the 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

In my first drive, my street time with it only amounted to about 30 minutes. This time around, after spending several hours behind the wheel, doing normal car stuff, I’m going to really need you all to drive the thing and experience its greatness. In fact, we should all be driving them. Them’s the rules.

(Full disclosure: We asked Ford if we could get a GT350 for a Jalopnik track day at Monticello Motor Club. Ford said yes and shipped one down on a truck for us from Michigan.)

As wild as the GT350’s look are, they do get a little downplayed if there are six of them lined up at a racetrack. You need the context of other cars to truly appreciate how eye-catching it is, how low the front splitter is and how massive the rear wing is.

After fetching Jalopnik video producer Erica Lourd from her apartment in Brooklyn (“Holy shit,” were her words when she saw my large, American son waiting outside), we aimed the GT350 north and in the direction of Monticello Motor Club, a private track about…continue reading.