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April 10, 2021

Is a Safari B5 Audi RS4 Avant the Perfect Daily Driver?

By Nico DeMattia

The B5 Audi RS4 Avant has a loyal following among Audi enthusiasts. As the original RS4 Avant, it gets a ton of love for being the car that made the segment famous. Which is why heavily modifying B5 RS4s can upset its fanbase. However, this modified “Safari” B5 Audi RS4 Avant should instead be celebrated.

In the latest episode of Modified, from Hagerty, we get to see an owner’s lifted, wrapped, and, well, modified RS4. Host Matt Farah, known from The Smoking Tire YouTube channel, takes the lifted RS4 to the Monticello Motor Club to drive it on a snow-covered track.

What is a safari car, you ask?  READ MORE