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Month: July 2021

July 29, 2021

Embracing Vintage Cars in the Catskills

A garage turned coffee shop and a restaurant fixing up Mustangs in the basement: The car scene is expanding beyond a high-end racetrack country club. By Brett Berk The driving season in the Catskills is quite short, abbreviated by snow and salt in the long winters and a spring rainy season that can sometimes feel endless. But now that it’s the heart of summer, and people can mingle again, Jared Lamanna wants to provide a

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July 26, 2021

Artist Heidi Mraz Recreates a Porsche 906 from Pieces of Its History

By Brett Berk The car—chassis number 906-134—is owned by the co-founder of the Monticello Motor Club, where the 906 and the four-by-six foot portrait now live. Heidi Mraz‘s automotive portraits are complex, collages of hundreds of pieces of ephemera specific to the car, so her artistic process is arduous. “Fifty percent of my time is just spent gathering information—talking to past drivers, restorers, owners; finding magazine articles and engineering notes in dusty boxes—to fill the

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