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October 04, 2021

Toyota’s GR 86 is NO JOKE!

By Richard Williams

Revving up for a fresh ride? You’ve visited the right lifestyle site. We here at stupidDOPE crave the road’s grip just like the rest of you speed freaks. We couldn’t have been more hyped to touch down in upstate New York to kick it with Toyota to rip up the track at Monticello Motor Club in the all new 2022 GR86 Premium.

Speeding off the track for 2022, the cult classic 86 proudly adorns the coveted GR badge after improvements and stringent track testing by the Toyota Gazoo Racing team. The GR 86 touts it’s agile handling and low center of gravity, making it a purist’s sports car that is redesigned with a race-inspired interior and driver-centric amenities that make it readily revved for both the track and beyond. Simply put, the GR 86 is a purpose-built vehicle with a coupe mentality that offers everyday drivability to the masses. Let’s do a deeper dive on the features of this badass ride.

Two grades are available, the GR 86 and GR 86 Premium in choice of manual or automatic transmission. Continue reading