Kirkham 427 S/C aluminum bodied Cobra


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Kirkham 427 S/C

aluminum bodied roadster – recreation of A/C

Cobra (Kirkham makes the aluminum Shelby continuation bodies)

Newly built, with 100 miles, fully sorted


Brushed aluminum body

Roll bar polished stainless steel

Side pipes and headers polished stainless steel

Foot boxes with polished stainless heat shielding

Driveshaft safety hoop

Stainless 30 gallon fuel tank

Avon CR6ZZ tires, knock off wheels

Billet aluminum suspension, Wilwood brake setup, balance bar dual master cylinders for the brakes.

CV joints on the rear half shafts

Blair Patrick – built FE Ford

Iron BBM block, 427 side oiler, stroked to about 450 cubes.

Aluminum BBM heads

Morel Roller lifters, T&D shaft rockers

Mechanical and electronic fuel pump

Full engine specs included, and available upon request.

Vintage rebuilt large shaft toploader 4 speed – shifts like butter.

6 point harnesses for both passenger and driver.

Standard Kirkham specs at


This is a very fast car.  Well over 500hp and it weighs about 2000 lbs.  The mechanicals are automotive art.  The side pipes and big block absolutely roar.   Runs perfectly, no issues at all.  Drive on street or (if you have the guts) on the track.  Or just put it in your living room and enjoy it as art.

Just to buy the parts, without any labor or assembly, is well over $155K.

Owner is selling to make room for a vintage Mustang built for track use only..


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