Monticello Motor Club

[ FAQs ]

Where can I learn more about Camp4 program?

What if I want to join, but I’m currently a level 1 or 2 class at MMC?

Please call concierge now to arrange for private instruction to strive for advancement to level 3. This is not guaranteed.

What is my damage liability?

The liability is $5,000 per occurrence for damage. Porsche may suspend overly-aggressive drivers without refund.

How do we get there?

It’s a 6-hour drive for most members in the tri-state area. Once we fill the program, we’ll exchange member information among the group and coordinate car pools or other transportation. You can also fly to Montreal and then rent a car, but the total travel time makes it not worth it for most tri-state residents. Flying is optimal for MMC members living 7+ hours away.

How do I pay?

We will charge your credit card on file. No processing fees will be charged.

Will other groups be at Mecaglisse during our event?

No. This entire program is exclusive for MMC.

What if I want to cancel?

You may cancel at any time, and we will provide a full refund if we are able to fill your seat. Based on the limited number of seats and early interest, we expect a waiting list, but this is not guaranteed. To ensure complete exclusivity, MMC had to pre-pay for the entire program, and we will not receive refunds from Porsche for unfilled seats, regardless of advance notice.

May I invite a non-member to drive?

Yes, but we respectfully request that your invited guest be a significant other. If driving seats are filled by non-member friends, then members who want to join the program will likely be excluded. If your non-member friend is anxious to join the group, we’re more than happy to discuss membership.

Can my non-driving guest join us each day at Mecaglisse?

Yes. There is a clubhouse with food and beverages served throughout the day, and Internet service. However, other than when drivers are in the clubhouse for breaks and lunch, non-driving guests will mostly be alone in the clubhouse – but with excellent views of the cars around sections of the race track.

If I fly into Montreal, how will I get to Estérel?

We anticipate that most members will drive to the resort. However, if you choose to fly, we can help arrange transportation from the airport. This cost is not included in the package.