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MMC’s racing schools, available in 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day formats, offer heart-pounding on-track instruction that will dramatically improve your high-performance driving skills, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned racer.

Utilizing your choice of either a BMW M2 racecar or a Spec Mazda MX-5 racecar, you will learn essential racing techniques, either for improving their high-performance driving skills or as a gateway toward competitive racing.

MMC’s cars are fully race-prepared, and have braking and cornering capabilities that exceed any sports car driving on the street. Each one is ready to compete either in MMC’s private member race series or amateur club races, such as SCCA, NASA, or PCA.

Join MMC’s pro instructors for hours of in-car seat time and interactive classroom sessions – all in an ultra-exclusive, small group setting.

MMC’s Racing School includes:

  • Approximately 3 hours of seat time each day
  • 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio
  • Plenty of private one-on-one instruction
  • Mock races
  • Small class sizes of 4-8 people
  • All classroom materials


Contact us or call us at +1 855 MMC CLUB for available dates or to enroll today!

NOTE: Graduates of the Advanced Racing School will also be eligible to apply for a sanctioned racing license.

Racing schools begin in April. Reserve your space today.

(Spaces not filled by MMC members will be made available to non-members. Non-members are allowed to drive MMC twice per year and not more than five times in five consecutive years.)



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  • 3-Day All-Inclusive Racing School
  • 2-Day Advanced Racing School
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[ FAQs ]

How much does this experience cost?

1-Day Intro to Racing School:

Spec Mazda MX-5 Racecar: $2,400 | BMW M2: $3,500

2-Day Advanced Racing School:

Spec Mazda MX-5 Racecar: $4,700 | BMW M2: $5,700

3-Day All-Inclusive Racing School :

Spec Mazda MX-5 Racecar: $6,800 | BMW M2: $8,900

(Miata racecar: must be 13 years or older and proficient with stick-shift manual transmission; BMW M2: must be 16 years or older, but does not require any stick-shift proficiency; unlicensed drivers must be approved by an instructor for their ability to safely operate a vehicle)

What time does the experience start?

8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. for each day.

What experience is required to participate?

At least one track experience of high-performance driving day in the past two years. If the driver is utilizing a Spec Mazda MX-5 racecar, they must be able to drive a manual shift vehicle.

What does my experience include?

MMC’s Racing Schools include:

  • Approximately 3 hours of seat time each day
  • 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio
  • Plenty of private one-on-one instruction
  • Mock races
  • Small class sizes of 4-8 people
  • All classroom materials

Can I bring a guest?

Of course! For the younger guests, consider adding on a Taste of the Karting Track experience, ideal for the kids six years and older. For non-driving guests, there is a fee of $150 for each who accompanies the driving guest. No more than three non-driving guests are permitted. Guests are treated to breakfast and/or lunch, attendance to all non-driving activities, such as classroom, tours, and track viewing discussions, and hot laps.

Can I apply this experience towards my membership purchase?

All amounts paid for the event day may be applied towards any membership if purchased within 30 days of the experience.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an experience, doing so with at least 60 days’ notice will result in a full refund. Canceling between 30 and 59 days before your experience will result in a 50% refund. Experiences canceled with fewer than 30 days’ notice are not eligible for a refund. MMC members will receive a full refund, regardless of the time of cancelation, if we are able to fill the seat with a paying driver. All rescheduling requests must be made in writing to our Sales Team at