Monticello Motor Club


We’re pleased to introduce our all new Collector Car Gallery, opening in May at Monticello Motor Club. Once completed, this brand-new, stunning 13,000-square-foot glass and steel structure will showcase MMC members’ significant classic and sports cars alongside cars placed by the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. All 29 cars within the Gallery will be protected by stanchions and feature an information placard with historic details.

The gallery’s double-level cantilevered decks overlook the track, offering the highest vantage point at the Club and a nearly complete view of its 4.1 miles of race-grade asphalt. Its mezzanine level will be a destination for groups and individuals to hold private functions, meetings, and events while admiring the stunning collector classic, vintage, sports, and racing cars displayed on the main floor.

MMC’s staff can assist with transportation, repairs, and servicing. Cars housed at the Gallery will receive our full attention, including detailing, battery tenders, starting and running programs, and logistics management. If you choose to display your car, it may be removed on a semi-regular basis for driving. You can expect your car ready to go when you’re ready to take it on MMC’s track or for a scenic ride through the Catskills.

The building will be home to Vintage Motor Management, which provides acquisition and management services to the many MMC members who have a real passion for car collecting. VMM, an MMC partner, oversees automotive assets, acquisitions, and events all over the world. Learn more about VMM by visiting

Keep checking back for updates about MMC’s Collector Car Gallery…