Monticello Motor Club

Alex Wolenski

Chief Operating Officer

You’re not likely to find too many Ivy League graduates who are eager to shimmy beneath a car and get their hands greasy.

But Alex Wolenski, Monticello Motor Club’s chief operating officer, isn’t your average Ivy Leaguer.  This car-loving whiz kid has been taking things apart and improving upon them since he was a small boy. And that is exactly what Alex does as the man in charge of just about everything that a member experiences at Monticello Motor Club – from making sure the lawns are immaculate to ensuring that the new fleet of BMWs is humming.

Alex’s passion for problem-solving started with an old broken-down lawn mower when he was just 10 years old. All these years later, he drives, works on, owns, and teaches others to drive some of the highest performing cars in the world.

His mechanical and analytical acumens helped him excel in both his college-preparatory school in Morristown, N.J., where he won the Panasonic Creative Design Challenge, and at Brown University, which is among the top 10 colleges in the country.

At Brown, Alex took upper-level engineering, business, and entrepreneurship courses. He also enrolled in the Formula SAE Series program, where students are tasked with building, testing, marketing, and racing a formula racecar.

For his senior independent study project, Alex spent all of his savings (and thousands more that he borrowed) to rebuild a black 1977 Porsche 911 with dozens of new parts that he designed, fabricated, and installed.

After graduation, Alex went to work as a warehouse operations manager and later an internal consultant for McMaster-Carr Supply Company, where he focused on improving the quality, efficiency, and safety of its warehouse operations.

At Monticello Motor Club, Alex is able to combine all of his varied skills to do what he has done his entire life: build something and make it fire on all cylinders. During the off-season, Alex takes on the role of executive brand ambassador for MMC, competing in – and often winning – a variety of club races down south.