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Matt Muller

Director of Technology & Chief Instructor


Years of Instructing: 10

Years of Driving: 15

Certifications: PCA National Instructor PCA Driving Chief

Experience: Private Coaching, Car development, Simulator Building/Coaching

Vehicle Expertise: Porsche – All models

Matt has extensive experience working in Porsche-based cars to help drivers get more comfortable and faster by better understanding the Porsche platform.  He uses tools away from the track, such as data, video and simulators to help drivers find more time and better develop driving and racing skills. He works  with drivers to understand the car and track idiosyncrasies to better educate them on how to use the knowledge for speed.

Competition Career:

PCA Club Racing in Spec Boxster

Areas of Expertise:

  • First Time on Track
  • Video And Data Analysis
  • Advanced Driving
  • Follow up Data Analysis Reports
  • Race School – Coaching
  • Instructor-Race “Data Lap”
  • Skid Pad – Car Control
  • Simulator Training and Coaching
  • Teen Instruction
  • Rally
  • Drifting
  • Karting
  • Lead Follow