Troy Miller

Pro Instuctor

Troy won his first race in a kart when he was only 4 years old, beating kids much older than him. Troy began driving cars on dirt roads when he was 7 years old and by the age of 11 he was teaching his father how to drift and do J-Turns. Troy was self-taught by watching The Dukes of Hazzard.

In 2013, Troy filmed a stunt driving video that caught the attention of Subaru, who invited him to compete in a race with a protype WRX.  He won the race and was awarded a $40,000 prize package.

Troy competed in the Rally America National Championship for three years and won three titles.  In 2014, he was Rookie of the Year, in 2015 he was the Two-Wheel Drive National Champion, and in 2016 he was the SP (4wd) National Champion.  Troy had such a commanding lead in both championships that he didn’t need to enter the final race of each season. When Troy won the championship in 2016, the car he used was a stock Subaru. With that stock car he finished the championship second overall (1st in class) and beat out big name drivers like Travis Pastrana who were competing in factory backed half-million dollar race cars.