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Ford’s Mustang GT Goes for Hot Laps at MMC

Courtesy of Hot Rod: The release of a new Mustang is cause for enthusiasts to flock to Ford dealerships. Team Mustang has done it again, this time with the all-new Performance Pack Level 2, which is guaranteed to excite the Mustang faithful.

Performance Pack Level 2 was born from Ford’s desire to fill its stable with exciting pony packages that meet the rigorous demands of performance, personalization, technology, and at the same time, hitting important price points. There is a full palate of Mustang models- including the base EcoBoost Fastback, Premium package with every imaginable comfort and convenience option. There are topless versions, too, and don’t forget the ultra-high-performance Shelby GT350 and GT350R. The long wide range lets you spec your Mustang for cruising, tracking, weekend shows, the daily commute, or a mix of them all. And now, the PP2 becomes available to slide in nicely between the Performance Pack 1 and the Shelby GT350.

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New Mustang Test Drive at MMC Delayed by a Tornado

Courtesy of arstechnica: In April, Ford dropped a bombshell on us, announcing that it’s going to cull almost its entire car lineup from the US market to concentrate on SUVs and crossovers. Not the Mustang, though. The Blue Oval’s sedans might not be selling well, but that’s not the case for its sports car, which has topped the sales charts for the coupe market for the third year in a row. On Wednesday, Ford invited us up to Monticello Motor Club in New York to try out the latest flavor of pony car, the Mustang Performance Pack 2. Think of it as the ultimate all-’round Mustang—a better daily driver than the hardcore Shelby GT350 but with almost all of that car’s ability on track.

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