Monticello Motor Club


The Resorts World Catskills Race Challenge is Monticello Motor Club’s premier 5-race club championship series. The series is deeply entrenched as an MMC tradition, one that more and more members take part in every year.

Like signature competitions at exclusive country clubs around the globe, the title of Club Champion is the crown jewel at MMC; it carries weight and elicits respect.

The RWC Race Challenge series requires that participants have a valid competition racing license, or have completed one of the Club’s 2- or 3-day racing schools. Both cars and drivers must be outfitted with extensive safety equipment.

The battle for the Club title is divided into multiple race groups. It is further sub-divided into different classes, largely based on individual vehicle modifications, power-to-weight ratio, and aero profiles. Members accumulate points during each race based on their finishing position. The member with the most overall points at the end of the series is named Club Champion.

Queally Mazda Classic

Founded by MMC Co-Founder and Partner Paul Queally, the Queally Mazda Classic is a fun-filled race series that has grown by leaps and bounds since its debut. Drivers of all levels have gotten into the series’ playful spirit, laughing and ribbing each other, and embracing their light-hearted nicknames like badges of honor.

Despite its growth, the team-based race series has maintained its low-key, laid back vibe. On race day, teams are divided into pools of cars based on qualifying times. While all cars race on the track together, drivers earn points based on their pool results. The race days consist of three 20-minute sprint races and all races count for that day’s results.

In this race, the driver who provides the most on-track entertainment is awarded the Workers’ Choice award, nearly as coveted as the First Place prize, which includes a giant chocolate chip cookie.