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Imagine a place without limits. A place where you can bring your car and finally drive it the way it was meant to be driven.

enjoy virtually unlimited access to America’s most exciting race track





Members have access to MMC’s collection of dozens of high-performance vehicles, including several BMW M and M Performance models, Porsche Cayman PDK racecars, and 911 models, MINI JCW Hardtops,  Spec Mazda Miata and MX-5 Cup racecars, and Birel and Sodi karts. Cross Karts are also available all year round.


Provides members and their guests turnkey access to MMC’s fleet for a fraction of normal daily rental rates. Some members utilize MMC’s track fleet for variety, while others value the arrive-and-drive convenience of no downtime, maintenance, transport, fuel, or storage costs.


Includes several of the latest BMW and Porsche sports and luxury vehicles which are available exclusively to members to experience on the road for extended (overnight) rentals.


Do I need track experience?

Absolutely not. Half of our members had never been on a race track prior to joining. Our team of professional instructors will work with you one-on-one to help you progress at your pace and build confidence on the track. Usually within one to three days, members without prior experience are checked off to solo (i.e., driving without an instructor). Members may then drive solo for hours on most track days, take passengers, and rent from MMC’s fleet of street cars. For members who are then interested in advancing their racecraft, MMC’s instructors are available to continue development, including the skills needed to race side by side in our private MMC member race series. There’s no pressure. It’s up to you.

What about my family?

Spend a day at Monticello Motor Club, and you’ll notice many couples and families. Spouses may be seen driving matching cars or competing for faster lap times. Teens as young as 13 drive actual racecars after working with our instructors on basic driving skills, manual shift cars, and racing techniques. It’s common to see fathers and their sons and/or daughters in race suits, competing side by side in our private race series. Our teen members are better, safer drivers, even before they have an actual license. Meanwhile, children six and older enjoy karting on our new, private 0.6-mile karting track side by side with friends or parents. Family membership privileges differ by membership type. Silver and Gold members may add an immediate family member for half the normal initiation fee and annual dues. Our Family membership provides the best value and flexibility for three or more immediate family members.

Do I need a dedicated track vehicle?

Not at all. While quite a few of our members have dedicated cars for the track, many will drive up for the day in their street cars. They’ll check the tires pressures, don their helmets and off they go. As long as your car can pass a safety tech inspection, practically any car can be driven on the track. There are some limitations with convertibles, so please check with our staff to get more detailed info. MMC also maintains a large rental fleet, ranging from street cars for novice members to race-prepared cars for more advanced driving or wheel-to-wheel competition. First-time visitors considering membership have access to a handful of cars for a limited experience, while approved members have access to the entire fleet. MMC also offers a Fleet Access Program, which allows members to enjoy access to an impressive and ever-growing collection of high-performance vehicles –and the exhilarating fun that comes with them – while avoiding the commitment and expense of private racecar or kart ownership. Members who utilize Fleet Access Program pay a fraction of normal daily rentals, and don’t have the headache of additional costs associated with maintenance, fuel, transportation, or vehicle storage. Members can utilize their Fleet Access Points to rent vehicles for use in a Racing School or an MMC race. Members may also use their points for private driving instruction.

How many days a year is the track open?

Member driving access is practically unlimited during the driving season (weather dependent but typically mid-April through early November). Members have access to the track on most weekends and about three out of five weekdays. The Club typically utilizes the limited non-member days for corporate, manufacturer, and charity events. MMC is a private country club and is generally not open to the public. The Club does not rent to groups or individuals who resell access (i.e., car clubs).

Are there other member benefits I should consider?

Absolutely! MMC also provides its members with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to attend exclusive special events – both at MMC and elsewhere – throughout the year. Some of the events our members have enjoyed recently include: Exclusive, members-only access to social events in NYC; Camp4 Canada, a Porsche winter driving experience; BMW M Experience; Radical Racecar test drives; Praga Racecar test drives; pit passes to professional races (ex.: IMSA, United Sports Car, American Le Mans, World Challenge, and IndyCar, etc.); concours events, etc.

When did MMC open, how many members have joined, and what’s the limit?

MMC opened in July 2008, and since then, we have grown to over 470+ individuals with membership privileges. Membership is limited to 750 licenses, and we typically raise the price of each membership license annually. We will continue to do so until sold out. Upon achieving 750 members, we will maintain a waiting list for approved applicants who may purchase a license as memberships become available for sale.

How do I apply for membership?

If you’ve never been to MMC, the first step is to schedule a visit. The Club has a constant demand for membership, and this is not a sales process but rather a membership journey. The best way to get a feel for MMC is to book tour, a Taste of The Track experience or a day of Private Instruction. During your visit, we’ll get to know each other, and you’ll speak with existing members. If we mutually agree that membership is appropriate, then you’ll complete a Membership Application. If you choose to explore the Club through a Taste of The Track or Private Instruction the cost of the experience will count towards your initiation fee.

An existing MMC member or partner must sponsor your application. If you don’t know any MMC members and wish to pursue membership, then you’ll spend some time with one of the Club owners who may opt to sponsor you.

I’ve been a member of all sorts of sports clubs throughout my life, and the people at MMC are some of the friendliest, most open people I’ve come across. But particularly as it pertains to (my son) Max, they just couldn’t be better.

- Nigel Faulkner, MMC Member

We’re fortunate to both love racing cars, and we’ve found a place we can do it together. MMC is so convenient; it gives us the ability to go to the track when we want, as opposed to having to work around a club or track’s schedule.

- Scott Mills, MMC Member

If you haven’t been to Monticello Motor Club before, you should come try it. There’s only one way to experience this. You have to come here, drive the track and experience what it is for yourself.

- Lewis Liebert, MMC Member

Everyone here goes out of their way to make sure you have a good experience. It is incredible how attentive and how focused they are to make sure the member experience is great.

- Tracy Quinn, MMC Member

I think the nice thing about a setup like MMC is that there are a lot of members looking to get different experience out of racing. I have been able to get great advice and direction about different types of racing and what series to get involved in. It has been pretty helpful.

- Till Bechtolsheimer, MMC Member

Regardless of where I am in my career, my coaching will always be every bit as valuable as my driving. I so enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with other drivers, and MMC is the ultimate place to teach, practice, and race.

- Stevan McAleer, Pro MMC instructor

I looked in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. I even considered Watkins Glen International. Once I visited MMC, I knew I’d found my Camaro’s future home.

- Mike LaRocca, MMC Member

Once I saw the relaxed atmosphere of the Club, especially during the member races, I was in. I loved all the race talk going on in the pits during the race; I knew right then that I wanted to do as many of them (member races) as I could, and soon!

- Jessica Tracy, MMC Member

I felt real satisfaction moving past the novice, beginner stage. Then I learned how to keep learning, how to accomplish improvement on my own.

- Dr. Irene Tien, MMC Member

Everything we do, we do as a family. These kids have lived the lives of seasoned travelers. Now all they talk about is coming here to MMC.

- Greg Coakley, MMC Member

We’ve all done some crazy adventurous stuff together – heli-skiing among them – and MMC is right in line with that. Honestly it hadn’t occurred to me that MMC could be a family thing we could all enjoy. It’s great!

- Dr. Glenn Schattman